Signs of benign meat

Signs of benign meat

The main criterion for buying meat is the degree of its freshness.

Benign chilled meat must have:

 – characteristic color (beef – red, pork – white and pink);

 – a pleasant smell, without foreign shades (it is best to pierce the meat with a hot knife, then you can make sure that the process of decomposition has not begun yet);

 – fat with white or cream color (beef – solid, not paste form, it must crumble; pork – soft with a pink tinge);

 – Dense consistency (when pressed, it is quickly aligned);

 – A thin crust pink or pale red color.


After the secondary freezing, the meat quality is much worse. Its color becomes cherry red.

It must be remembered that when melting, we shouldn’t immerse it in warm water, otherwise all water-soluble salts and vitamins will be lost. In general, ice cream is always worse than fresh, and even more so twice frozen.