Beef pastry in marinade

Beef pastry in marinade

Beef pastries are a good alternative to ordinary sausage. It is prepared from a delicate meat fillet with different seasonings.


•  1.5 kg of beef TM Organic Meat 


•  1.4 liters of water
•  125 g of salt
•  100 g of sugar
•  40 g of honey
• 50 g of brown sugar
•  10 grams of coriander seeds
•  2 cloves garlic
•  10 grams of mustard seed
•  10 g of peppercorns
•  2 cloves
•  a pinch of ground ginger

•  pinch of nutmeg
•  2 bay leaves
•  1 cinnamon sticks


•  hot pepper if desired



•  15 grams of ground black pepper
•  30 g of smoked paprika in flakes
•  20 g ground coriander

1.Mix all ingredients for marinade, bring to a boil, remove from heat and completely cool.
2. Put the meat in a deep container and pour the marinade.
3. So that the meat does not come up, something must be putted on it.
Cover the meat with a lid and put into the refrigerator for two days (48 hours).
4. After two days, remove the beef from the marinade, dry with a paper towel and put in the oven preheated to 60 degrees for 11 hours (the time depends on the size of the piece of meat).
5. Mix all ingredients for breading. Ready-made meat should be breading and baking in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for ten minutes.
6. Ready beef pastry wrap in foil and put in the fridge before serving. Bon appetit!